Traffic Violation Defense

Traffic Violation Defense

Virtually everyone is at some point pulled over for a traffic violation. Whether you get a traffic violation for a car accident, speeding, or an expired registration, do not make the mistake of assuming it is nothing to worry about. While mailing in your fine or fighting the charges in court may seem like a minor inconvenience, there are many potential hidden penalties of traffic violations. traffic violation defense attorney Mark A. Bernstein will help you look after your best interests and potentially avoid the more serious implications of a traffic violation, which may include a suspended license or even civil liability in the case of an accident.

Fighting a Traffic Violation

When you receive a moving violation ticket, you will become a part of the complex traffic court where negotiation is par for the course. Of course, most people do not realize this, and 90% of people who receive a traffic violation will merely pay the ticket instead of fighting it. Traffic tickets are a major source of revenue for New Jersey counties and cities, and many now routinely send automatic fines with the help of radar detectors and red light cameras.

Traffic Violation Defense

As cities and counties continually increase their revenue from tickets, the stakes for traffic violations have increased. Along with the federal mandate to lower blood alcohol content levels for DWI arrests, you must also deal with the insurance point system.

The fine may be the least of your worries when you receive a ticket. Every ticket you get will count as a conviction on your record. You will also face long-term financial costs due to higher car insurance premiums. Depending on your situation, a ticket may even result in a suspended license, high state surcharges, or your job. Some traffic violations may also result in a county jail sentence, particularly driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, or a DWI.

Traffic Violation

Beating Traffic Tickets

With the representation of skilled traffic attorney, Mark Bernstein, your chances of getting your traffic case dismissed is higher. Your case may be dismissed for many reasons, including:

  • The issuing officer does not appear in court.
  • The case can be dismissed in exchange for pleas on nonmoving violations.
  • You agree to a probationary period and paying at least part of the fine.

prosecutors tend to reduce the severity of a moving violation if they believe the motorist will give up their right to a trial. An experienced attorney can help negotiate a better outcome.

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At the Law Office of Mark A. Bernstein, we work to minimize the consequences of traffic violations and protect your driving privileges. If your license has already been suspended for traffic violations, we will work to reinstate your driving privileges or reduce the length of your suspension. Contact us today for help with your traffic violation for a free consultation.

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