Possible DWI Defenses

Have you or a family member been arrested for driving while intoxicated? Do you feel as though there is absolutely no way to beat your charges? Quite often individuals charged with DWI are likely to admit guilt and move on. You should try to not fall into this trap.  The truth of the matter is that you can fight your charges, regardless of what the circumstances are. As a seasoned DWI defense attorney, I understand the ins and outs of the court system. Having said that, I understand the most effective defense tactics that can be used against DWI charges.

Insufficient reasonable cause

A police officer should have probable cause to arrest you. This could mean that they witnessed you committing a traffic offense or driving recklessly. In the event that they do not actually have a good reason for the stop, the police arrest and charges could possibly be thrown out.

Improper field sobriety tests

If perhaps a police officer failed to perform a field sobriety test correctly, the grounds for your DWI arrest can certainly be thrown out, which means that your charges could be dropped.

Inaccurate breath, blood, or urine test results:

Whenever an officer examines your BAC using a breath, blood, or urine test, there is usually room for error. In case the results were read incorrectly, the test was given a long time after driving, or perhaps if you simple burped before taking the test, the results could be thrown out.

Your legal rights were violated

In some instances, arresting officers fail to treat individuals fairly or do not read them their rights. In the event that your constitutional rights were violated at all in the arrest, your charges may be dropped.

Even though each DUI case will be different, I know how to find the weak points in the prosecution’s case against my clients. Irrespective of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, my firm is ready to take on your case. There is no need to fight these charges by yourself ! If you have been charged or arrested, make sure you call me today at (609) 665-3338 for committed and aggressive legal defense.