Ghost Patrol Cars

Unmarked police cars have been used in order to catch unsuspecting drivers committing traffic violations, such as speeding or tailgating. In New Jersey, the State Police have initiated new vehicles, a black Chevy Caprice, with a frosted graphic of the division’s logo that is virtually impossible to see on the road. The logo is visible, but while driving on congested roadways like the Turnpike and I295, it would be extremely difficult for a driver to identify the car as a police vehicle.

These vehicles were out on the roadways starting Memorial Day Weekend and will continue to patrolling. Exclusively cruising the New Jersey Turnpike, the Department of State Police has yet to reveal whether the patrol cars will also be on other major roadways, such as 295 and the Garden State Parkway.

The reasoning behind these new unmarked vehicles is to catch unsuspecting drivers off guard. Capturing careless and reckless motorists weaving in and out of lanes not only prevents potentially fatal accidents, but also protects other drivers who are actually obeying traffic laws. The State Police hopes that knowledge of these unmarked cars will cause apprehension and keep careless drivers from acting as such.
A decision to drive haphazardly not only affects the driver, but also all others on the road. The State Police seek to eliminate these negligent drivers by means of these unmarked cars trolling the most dangerous roadways, starting with the Turnpike.

Receiving a traffic violation from a State Police officer can be quite aggravating, especially when you were just maintaining the flow of the traffic. If you received a violation and feel as though it is unjust, contact a defense attorney experienced with such cases. Your attorney will fight to get your ticket reduced or even dismissed, if possible. Do not let the state police destroy your otherwise good driving record. If you feel you were issued a violation unlawfully by a ghost patrol car, call me defense attorney Mark A. Bernstein, today for a free consultation at (609) 665-3338.